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Locally owned and operated in Charleston, SC since 1989.  Providing expert resume writing services to nationwide clients, from entry level to executive.

Top quality resumes - $89 and up - created by an expert resume writer with over 30 years' experience.

Free evaluation of your existing resume, as well as a free consultation to recommend improvements.

All products are created by me, Charlene Hull, a certified professional resume writer, career coach and former Fortune 10 H/R with over 30 years' experience. I do not hand the project over to a subordinate or a contract write.


Usual turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours.


Thank You for Your Interest in My
Professional Résumé Writing Service.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Charlene Hull and I launched A Career Résumé & Writing Service in the late 80’s based upon my experience as a former Fortune 10 H/R Manager.

I’ve been headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina for almost 30 years and serve all level of clients throughout the U.S., including all types of professionals, new grads, executives, federal résumés, military conversions, curriculum vitaes, social networking profiles, (for LinkedIn, etc.) cover letters, and special documents.




Perhaps. Many are. But since you can’t really be objective about you own résumé, how can you know for sure? If you want to know EXACTLY what’s wrong with your résumé and how to fix it, just email it to me for a free critique. After I review it, I’ll give you a call and discuss the strengths and weaknesses in your résumé and make recommendations for improving your presentation.

I’ll also be glad to discuss job search strategies, and answer some basic questions for you. Because I guarantee satisfaction, I will work with you until you’re completely satisfied.

Why is it So Hard to Write Your Own Resume?

Primarily because of lack of objectivity.  You can't really "see the forest for the trees."  One would probably be able to write a better resume for someone else than for one's self. Basically, you know too much and it's difficult to decide what to leave out, what to emphasize and, of course, what your competitors are doing.

A professionally-written resume can give you the competitive edge in today's technology-driven job market.

Wheter you're entry level or executive, a resume created by an expert resume writer can create the impression you want and get the interviews you need.

Charlene Hull, CPRW

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If you’re currently conducting a job search, then you’re already aware of the challenges in today’s job market. There are millions of job seekers and a lot less jobs. What’s even scarier is that it may get worse before it gets better.

Having authored and edited hundreds of thousands of résumés, I’m the Résumé Expert who can give you the competitive edge in today’s tight job market.

To apply for and be  for an interview in a technology driven business world, you will often have to “please” a computer that’s looking for specific Keywords. Without the proper Keywords it’s unlikely that your résumé will be sent to a real person for their further review… Another résumé bites the dust!


Your résumé and any additional information you provide on paper or through consultations are considered, confidential, and private. Names, addresses, e-mail addresses of clients and prospective clients are private and not sold or traded.


  1. Poor formatting and TMI. Your résumé should provide just enough compelling information to pique their interest and lead them to contact you. Keep your résumé to a reasonable 1-3 page length and create supporting documents (Leadership Briefs, Achievement Summaries, Career Biography, Reference Dossier including Letters of Recommendation, etc.) to provide more detailed information.

  2. Too generic. Does your résumé look and sound like all the other ones you’ve reviewed? Not good! Résumés are marketing documents designed to “sell” you over others. If your résumé mimics everyone else’s, how can you possibly stand out and position your unique promise of value? On top of that, if your résumé is a typical, lifeless, boring document, who’s going to care to read it and spend a little time getting to know you?

  3. Use of an out of date Objective statement. Objective statements are so yesterday and they waste valuable first page space. No one really cares what you want in today’s market. They want to know what you will do for them, and what makes you the best hiring choice.

So, “SHOW THEM THE MONEY” by using an achievement focused composition method.

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Obtain that all important interview with the help of an expert résumé writer.

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